Green Beauty Products Are On The Rise

Recent studies have shown that female consumers are stepping up to the “environmentally friendly” plate and being very conscientious about the beauty products they purchase. An annual survey called the Green Beauty Barometer, spear-headed by a company called Kari Gran, recently shared that 60% of women now make it a practice to read the labels on their beauty products before they buy.

The survey also found that the majority of the ladies who are checking those labels are between 18 and 34 years old, and 75% of them agree that purchasing environmentally friendly beauty products should be a priority. Among women age 35-54, slightly less than 70% elect to buy green beauty products. It’s worth mentioning that in the last year that figure went up by 10%, a good indication that the green beauty product industry is surging.

The Green Beauty Barometer survey is full of useful info, as well. Results suggest that skin care products represent the most researched when it comes to the products women buy. According to the survey, 38% of women opt for only natural skin care products. Comparatively, 31% of women prefer natural-only hair care products. An area of concern lies with fragrances and nail polishes, both of which are pretty toxic and unfortunately fall much lower on the list of green beauty product usage. As far as going green with your own beauty regimen, fragrance should be one of the first things you cut out.

Another interesting survey result is that women who live in the Western United States are more likely to use green products than any other location. Retailers in that location have a lot to gain by increasing their stock of green beauty supplies. Numbers would suggest that they’d see a decent increase in business from millennial women.

As for the specific ingredients women tend to avoid, sulfates top the list. Thirty percent of women won’t buy a product that contains sulfates, followed by fragrances and parabens.

The sample size of the survey was only 1300 women in the United States, but the results still show a positive trend in the sector of green beauty supplies.