What Are Green Communities and Where Do You Find Them?

People these days are becoming more and more conscious of environmental issues and have realized that if we hope to make our planet’s resources last, the human race has a responsibility to make decisions in life that are environmentally sound. One major life decision the majority of adults face is buying or building a home. Green communities are neighborhoods and developments that have homes built or remodeled by using energy efficient methods and environmentally friendly resources. These communities are logical choices for families that are “green” savvy, but the question of where to find such communities often comes up.

The answer may be far simpler than you might think.

A simple Google search inquiring about green communities in the area you’re interested in is normally enough to turn up a substantial list of results. From there you can start narrowing down options by considering the type of community you want. Are you looking for something more rural, with sprawling gardens and nature trails? Does your work necessitate living in a big city, where rooftop gardens and dynamic recycling and conservation efforts are priorities? Answering those types of questions will help with the process of finding the right community for you and your family.

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What Are Green Communities and Where Do You Find Them?

A good number of the newer homes and subdivisions have been constructed using eco-friendly methods and materials, but these homes normally come with a higher price tag. If you’re able to find one of these green communities and it falls within your budget, congratulations! However, not everyone can fit the bill for a newly constructed home. Not to worry, many homes are being remodeled and refurbished using the same methods and materials as newly constructed homes, you just have to know what to look for when conducting your searches.

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What Are Green Communities and Where Do You Find Them?

One particular website I found extremely useful in searching for green communities is www.privatecommunities.com . This site allows you to set a criteria to specifically look for green communities, which will take the proverbial legwork out of the home search process. Once you’ve put in your search parameters the site functions just like any other real estate website. You get the list of amenities, prices and photos of properties, all the while knowing that you’re looking at a home in a green community.

“Going green” is a pleasantly popular mindset right now, and realtors and home builders alike have caught on, making it far easier than it used to be to find the perfect home for your family, as well as the planet.