The Greenest Homes In The World

Most people try to be eco-friendly in their homes, by doing things like recycling, turning off lights, and using less water. However, developers are now making homes more environmentally conscious and completely sustainable. These homes make it easy for you to live a green lifestyle.



The zeroHouse is a small, prefabricated home that can be shipped anywhere in the world. From architect, Specht Harpman, the home features a full kitchen, bath, and all other necessary elements. The home is able to operate completely on its own. It can generate its own power, processes its own waste, collects and stores rainwater, and requires minimal maintenance.


The Dome House


The Japan Dome House Company builds sustainable prefabricated domed buildings. The shape and size helps save energy, makes it structurally stable, and helps dissipate wind energy. The dome house is built in pieces and takes about 7 days to assemble. Construction does not produce any waste, as the house is made from expanded polystyrene (which is made only from carbon and hydrogen).


Acqua Liana


Aqua Liana, also known as the Green Giant, was built in 2009 by property tycoon, Frank McKinney. The house made headlines after it became America’s first “green mansion. The home is 15,000-square-foot and is located in Palm Beach, Florida. The home is complete with floating sun terraces, a waterfall spa, and an aquarium wet bar. The Green Building Council and the Florida Green Building Council deemed the property as self-sufficient.


New Paltz Dome Home


Are you the type who enjoys amazing views? Then, the rotating New Paltz dome home, in New York, is the one for you. This UFO-looking home spins a full 360° to offer the owners a full view of their surroundings. The home is fitted with solar panels and is made from organic cedar, bamboo & limestone. The home is also designed to be low maintenance. Although this particular home is based in New York, you can still have your own anywhere in the world. The french creator company, Domespace, is able to ship the building kit globally.