Gucci To Stop Using Fur In Its Products In 2018

Gucci Logo

If you attended a fashion show in the past it was pretty much a given that you would see a parade of fur marching down the catwalk.

Gucci will no longer be a part of that parade.

Gucci Fur

The high-end clothing company announced last week that they will phase out all items made from fur by the time their spring/summer line rolls out next year.

Last week, CEO Marco Bizzarri spoke at the London College of Fashion and told attendees that the company is committing to manufacturing only sustainable products. The announcement comes at a good time, too. Fur is a pretty hot topic among activists, and clothing manufacturers are starting to respond. Armani joined the trend last year when they announced that they were giving up fur products, too. It seemed to have started a trend, as a profound number of fashion manufacturers have joined the Humane Society’s group of fur-free retailers.

Humane Society Fur Free

The Humane Society was pleased to add Gucci to that list. Kitty Block, the president of the Humane Society stated:

Gucci going fur-free is a huge game changer. For this Italian powerhouse to end the use of fur because of the cruelty involved will have a huge ripple effect throughout the world of fashion.”

It’s a good thing so many fashion giants are jumping on the “fur-free” bandwagon, too. The international group Fur-Free Alliance is the leader in promoting fur alternatives. According to the organization, many of the animals used for fur clothing are over harvested. They go on to state that most of the breeds used for fur clothing are wild and have only been mildly domesticated. The physical and emotional stress on the animals used for fur harvesting is pretty substantial, with frequent occurrences of physical deformities, mutilations among the animals and cannibalism.

Gucci still has fur products in stock, but they plan to handle that by auctioning off the items and donating the proceeds to the Humane Society and LAV, an Italian equivalent.