Reduce Waste: Hacks For Making Your Food Last Longer

You went to the grocery store and bought all healthy foods. You are so proud of yourself! But, a few days later, your new, healthy, fresh produce is moldy and bad. Keep buying healthy foods, and reduce waste with these healthy hacks to make your food last longer.


Create a solution of one part vinegar and ten parts water. Dampen a paper towel, with the mixture, and wrap it around the cheese. Place the wrapped cheese into a plastic bag. Don’t worry, there is enough water content, to prevent your cheese from tasting like vinegar. Another option for cheese to rub the block with butter or vegetable oil, then store in a container. This will help prevent the cheese from drying.

Greeningz - Cheese


Bananas are an excellent source of potassium but they aren’t so great at staying fresh. In order to keep bananas fresh, wrap plastic wrap on the crown of the bunch. Experts say this will make them last 3-5 days longer.

Greeningz - Bananas


Many believe keeping bread in the fridge will help it last longer. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case. Cold temperatures cause the starch to recrystallize quicker. This process is slowed down in a warmer environment.

Greeningz - Bread


Now this one may sound crazy, but the experts say it works! Store onions in a pantyhose. Tie knots between each onion. This allows enough air to get to each one but stops any rotten onions from spreading its mold and germs to other onions.

Greeningz - Save Onions


We also have two ways to keep your berries fresh. Create the same solution you did to keep your cheese fresh (one part vinegar and ten parts water) and put into a jar. Swirl the berries in the mixture, drain and then rinse. Store berries in the fridge. This process should allow the berries to last one to two weeks without going bad. If you aren’t a fan of this method, you could always just freeze your berries on a baking tray. Make sure each berry has enough space, so they do not stick together. Also, do not wash the berries before you do this as they will stick to the pan.

Greeningz - Berries