Everyday Items You Should Be Recycling, But Probably Aren’t

With environmental protection awareness at its peak, people everywhere are recycling more than ever. You understand you can recycle plastic, certain electronics and paper. However, there are many more items that can be recycled, that you probably aren’t.



You proudly displaced your trophies in your bedroom throughout your childhood. It was an easy way to show off your accomplishments. However, after your teen years, your trophies seem to mean much less. Yes, it’s still a great way to show off your accomplishments, but now you have a resume for that. Therefore, your trophies most likely end up in a box, in the closet. However, your accolades can do more than sit in a box getting dusty. They can be recycled! Many companies will gladly accept your trophy, break apart the pieces, and reuse them for future champions to receive.

VHS Tapes

vhs tapes

Has nostalgia truly set in for you, and you just have a hard time giving away those Disney VHS tapes you watched as a child? Even though you may have bought the DVD counterparts, the VHS tapes are still sitting in your video cabinet. Get rid of them! You can recycle these tapes. However, these need to be shipped to special recycling companies, as the the plastic releases harmful chemicals when melted. Don’t forget, the plastic covers, encasing the film, can be also recycled. However, these cover can be recycled through your regular community recycling program.



Creating your masterpiece with crayons can be really fun (not to the mention the names are pretty clever). However, there is nothing worse than when your “Macaroni and Cheese” or “Granny Smith Apple” crayon splits in two. But, don’t throw these split crayons away, they can actually be donated and recycled. Companies will take the crayon, melt them down, and create new crayons for kids everywhere to enjoy.

Brita Water Filters


If you have a Brita filter, we applause you, as most likely you have decided to give up plastic water bottles. However, don’t stop there. You filter is also recyclable. Brita has a program to do so. You must follow 3 easy steps. First, allow your product to dry for 3 days. Second, collect 5 pounds of Brita products to recycle, and place in garbage liner or trash bag and pack them in a box. Finally, print your free shipping label and mail away. There are also various collection areas at grocery stores such as Whole Foods.