Man Vs. Nature: Unbelievable Survival Stories

All a person needs to do is be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he or she could end of up in a very dangerous situation. Mother Nature is not bias and is not sympathetic. Here are 2 stories about people who went up against Mother Nature and won.

The Man Who Survived Underwater For 3 Days

A 29-year-old Nigerian boat cook, Harrison Okene, found himself buried alive underwater. It was the morning of May 26, 2013, and a ship Okene was working on, was hit by a sudden ocean swell. The boat capsized and sunk 100 feet below the surface.

Okene used his prior knowledge and switched to survival mode. He waded around the sinking ship corridors, and found some coca-cola and some tools. Then, he chose a safe corner of the ship and began building an underwater bunker.

Harrison Okene, Nearly one month after rescue

He found a 4-foot air pocket and piled up mattresses as the water rose. Due to an increase of atmospheric pressure, the oxygen level was high and the carbon dioxide that Okene exhaled was absorbed by the water.

Okene luckily found a spot to survive. But for how long? He told media he could hear ocean creatures swimming through the ship and feeding on his dead crewmates.

Visualization Of Okene's Survival Bunker
Visualization Of Okene’s Survival Bunker

Eventually, the ship company sent a recovery team, and as soon as Okene heard human sounds, he pounded on the wall with a hammer. Okene had been underwater for over 60 hours. Needless to say, the rescue divers were very surprised to find him alive.

The Teen Who Rode A Tornado

In 2006, 19-year-old Matt Suter, was taken on the ride of his life. Suter was is his grandmother’s trailer when the weather became very ominous. Suter was attempting to close the living room windows, when the trailer began to shake.

It soon became clear to Suter, that there was a tornado surrounding the trailer. The trailer started to get torn apart, furniture was being spun in the air, and the doors were ripped off their hinges. Unfortunately, a wall collapsed and the wall, along with Matt, were sucked out and into the weather whirlwind.

Matt Suter, Explaining To Media His Crazy Ride

He fell unconscious during his ride and woke up almost a quarter mile away from where he began.  He walked away with just minor cuts and bruises.

The National Weather Service took an exact measurement of his trip: 1,307 feet, which is the longest tornado-aided flight a human has ever survived. In 1955, a 9-year-old girl survived a 1,000-foot tornado ride.