Recommended Mobile Apps For Wilderness Lovers

Many outdoor lovers agree that nature should be someplace where you unplug from technology, but there is possibly an exception. There are some really fantastic mobile apps on the market for folks who enjoy spending time outdoors. From identifying birds to finding places to hike, here is a handful of reasons to keep your phone turned on during your next outdoor adventure.

MyNature Animal Tracks

If you find yourself on a trail that’s riddled with animal tracks and you’re not sure what species they belong to, the MyNature Animal Tracks App can help!  The app will help you match tracks to animals in seven different categories, as well as how fast they were moving when they laid the tracks. The app also comes with tracking tips and scat identification, too!


iBird has multiple apps available to download, each one specific to your area or for certain types of birds. Ultimately you’ll be able to identify most of the birds that will show up in your backyard or out on the trail. The apps pull from a database of more than 1,000 species of birds. The apps also have a journal feature so you can record your most memorable sightings.

Butterfly Collection

When it comes to insects, you really can’t get more beautiful than butterflies. The Butterfly Collection app has over 240 species saved in its database, making it pretty easy to identify most species you’re likely to encounter on a hike or backyard adventure.

MyNature Tree Guide

Much like the MyNature Animal Tracks app, the Tree Guide will help you discover and identify more than 190 different species of tree in the U.S. and Canada. You simply search by leaf or needle and the app even comes with a handy ruler function for measuring leaves and flowers.

Oh, Ranger!  Park Finder

Now that you’ve got a stock of great wildlife and plant identification apps on your phone, you’ll need to find someplace to put them to good use. The Oh Ranger!  Park Finder app will help you find a national, state or local park to explore. You can also search for parks by specific activities like hiking, canoeing or bird watching.