Responsible And Green-Minded Consumers Are Putting Serious Pressure On Major Utility Companies

Being environmentally conscious with your personal practices is a great way to live a green life, but many folks believe that the biggest impact is on their peace of mind. Most don’t think about the effect it has on the major utility industry. Well, now it seems that what was once a lifestyle choice is putting some significant pressure on the traditional utility companies.

In a nutshell, those of us who have “gone green” have started to tip the scales.

Installing solar panels and energy efficient appliances are about more than lowering our own carbon footprints. Now it’s about changing the entire utility industry. Data shows that energy demand rose consistently for over 100 years, but now that demand is completely flat. That’s what has major utility providers in a panic.

Electricity providers have historically been able to make predictions regarding energy consumption, and they make money based on investments in the energy industry. Now it seems that those predictions aren’t nearly as accurate. Rooftop solar panels and smart hardware attached to home appliances have skewed these estimates, and it isn’t likely going to let up anytime soon.

Many experts in the energy industry believe that we’ll soon have to revamp the rules and regulations that govern utilities. The result will likely be the elimination of the traditional, gigantic energy providers in favor of smaller companies that will manage the more sophisticated two-way energy use. The benefit of this is that it has those behemoth companies looking at greener alternatives to stay in the game. For the environmentally conscious consumer, it’s a win-win.

Most importantly, it shows that every little thing we as green-minded citizens do can truly have an impact. It shows that throwing a wrench in the proverbial gears and cogs can cause powerful companies to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and look for cleaner alternatives if they’re to have any hope of staying in the game. If the trends stay true, we may soon find ourselves collectively paying less for utilities and living greener lives in the process.