Things You Didn’t Know Will Be Ruined By Climate Change

Many of us already know the large scale effects of climate change: rising temperature, melting ice caps, devastation of habitats. However, there are some widely unknown consequences of climate change, that will affect you. Here are 3 things you didn’t know will be ruined by climate change.

Carbon Dioxide Levels Will Increase Indoors

A study done by Harvard University shows that high levels of CO2 can have adverse affects on productivity and decision-making, as well as, cause fatigue. This happens at CO2 levels above 1,000 parts per million (ppm). Unfortunately, offices can hold up to 1,200 ppm, schools can reach up to 2,000 ppm and airplanes up to 4,000 ppm when grounded. Therefore, you can forget about making money, getting an education or traveling.

All of this CO2 develops from a human nature flaw: greed. In order to cut costs on heating and air conditioning inside a building, structures are built with a lot of insulation. This insulation traps all the bad chemicals, as well as, contains all the CO2 people breathe out.


National Landmarks Will Sink Into The Sea

Many national monuments are bound to be swallowed up by the sea, due to rising sea levels. Say goodbye to the Statue Of Liberty, Fortress Of Cartagena, Easter Island Moai, and, Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument. Furthermore, increased temperatures will also lead to fires in areas such as Mesa Verde National Park. The Glacier National Park will still exist, however, all of its glaciers are predicted to disappear by 2030.


Food Will Get A Lot Less Nutritious

If you understand the ecosystem, humans breathe out carbon dioxide, and breathe in the oxygen created by plants. Therefore, you may think increased carbon dioxide will be great for creating nutritious fruits and veggies. WRONG. Unfortunately, greenhouse gasses are lowering the nutritional value of our foods. A study was done with expected carbon dioxide levels, of the near future, and plants. Researchers found the increased levels of CO2 are sucking the nutrients out of plants. For example, wheat, rice, and field peas lost a significant amount of their zinc and iron.



Unfortunately, we are all ready on our way to this future. However, if we start making little changes now, the human race may still be able to enjoy the Earth for awhile longer.