Tips For Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Making your daily commute in an electric vehicle is a great way to help out the environment.  However, if you’ve never owned an electric vehicle before and you’re considering buying one, there’s a good chance you’ve got some questions.  Here are a few tips for new electric vehicle owners:

How and Where To Charge

Electric Car Garage Chargers

It’s actually surprisingly simple to charge your electric vehicle.  All you really need is a standard 3-prong outlet to plug into and you’re all set.  If you’re looking for an even faster charge, you can purchase a 220/240V charging station.  Prices vary on these, but you can expect to fork over somewhere around $400-$500.  A 220/240 charger will fully charge your electric car in about 8 hours, making it perfect for installing in your garage at home.  If you opt for only using a 110/120 outlet you can expect it to take a LOT longer to fully charge your electric car.

Many of the modern electric vehicles come with supporting apps you can install on your Smart phone so you can monitor the charging status of your vehicle and get notified when you’re fully charged.

How To Save Juice

Electric Vehicle Climate Control

The tips for saving electric energy really isn’t all that different than the tips you’d employ for improving your fuel economy on a standard combustion engine vehicle.  One of the most obvious things you can do is avoid aggressive driving.  Stomping on the accelerator is going to burn up more electric energy.  However, electric vehicles do have one related benefit over regular cars.  Most modern electric vehicles are equipped with technology so that when you apply the brakes your system actually replenishes energy, essentially charging your car as you drive.

You should also be mindful of your climate control system.  Blasting the A/C non-stop will eat up a lot of your charge.

Charging On The Road

Electric vehicle charging on the road

Charging your electric vehicle on the road isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be.  Charging stations are becoming more and more common and you usually don’t have to cruise around for very long to find one.

Most modern electric vehicles will come with a charging cable as part of the accessory package, and they’re usually easily stowed in the trunk or cargo area for SUVs.  Some makes and models also have available Smartphone apps that will show you where the nearest charging stations are.