Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Less Wasteful

Congratulations, you got engaged and are ready to spend the rest of your life with your partner. But, before you say “I do,” there is much planning to be done. Invitations, venue, decorations, and food are all on your to-do list. As your planning, there is a statistic you should keep in mind. The Huffington Post reports “a wedding produces roughly 400-600 lbs. of waste — that’s based on a guest list of roughly 100-120 people.” These tips will give you good ideas on how to make your big day less wasteful.

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Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Less Wasteful

Opt For E-Invitations

With modern technology anyone can receive anything within a matter of seconds, why not take advantage of this with your wedding invitations (and save the dates)? Most guests will just throw away your invitation once the event has concluded. Not only will you save paper, but you will also save money on postage. Not to mention, there is no way of losing an RSVP among other things, if it’s already stored on your computer.

Choose Your Favors Wisely

Many couples give away favors that their guests will never use again. Therefore, why not choose wedding favors that are sustainable. Donate to your favorite charity in honor of your guests, or instead of candles or glasses, buy eco-friendly to-go cups, or “let love grow” by giving your guests a cool plant. There are lots of eco-friendly ways you can spin this wedding tradition.

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Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Less Wasteful

Donate The Food

Food is one of the biggest perpetrators of waste on any given day. However, it is especially wasted on a wedding day. From buffets to large servings of desserts, much of the food at weddings goes uneaten and then thrown away. There are two options to solve this problem. Consider buying recyclable to-go boxes so your guests can enjoy your generosity at a later time, or donate. There are many organizations that would be happy to take all that food off your hands and donate it to those in need.

Repurpose Your Wedding Gown

Normally, it’s the bridesmaids that worry if they will be able to re-wear the gown they just paid a couple hundred dollars for. However, as the bride, one should have the same mindset. You should not buy a very expensive gown to only wear it once – repurpose it. The expensive fabric can be turned into multiple dresses. There are also many charities that would love to take your dress and donate it to a good cause. For example, “Brides Across America,” works with underprivileged brides who can’t afford gowns, and would therefore, love to wear yours.

Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Less Wasteful